Universal Wall Outlet

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Kit now includes Universal Wall Outlet Purge Inlet Assy.

Individual Price: $50.00 each

M.I.E. Services is proud to offer our new Medical Gas Installer’s Kit. This kit includes everything the installer needs to install a medical gas system compliant with the 2005 NFPA 99-C Standard.

Our medical gas installer’s kit is designed by medical gas installers for medical gas installers to afford quick, compliant installations.

Requirements Met:

This kit meets the basic requirements as described in 2005 NFPA 99C, which has been recently adopted by the State Fire Marshal of Louisiana. These items will be required as part of the system verification. Installers will be required to provide the above items as well as a valid State of Louisiana Medical Gas Installers License before a final Medical Gas Certification will be issued.

Why our medical gas installer’s kit?

If you compare our kit with other kits, you will find some important differences: we’ve included a copy of the “2005 NFPA Pocket Guide to Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Installation” for a quick reference guide to answer any installation questions, all conveniently housed in a prominently labeled, heavy-duty tool box.

Our kit also includes:

In addition to the above, we include the following items:

  • Gas specific adapters for Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum, WAGD, Nitrous Oxide, and Nitrogen in the most popular configurations, including Ohmeda/Ohio; Chemetron/NCG; Puritan-Bennett; and DISS. NFPA 99C;
  • 2-½'' Test Gauges: 0-30'' hg; 0–100 psig;
    0–400 psig NFPA 99C;
  • Purge Regulator with Alarm NFPA 99C;
  • Convenient Purge Manifold with three (3) 10' hoses with quick connect adapters;
  • High Pressure test regulator NFPA 99C;
  • O2 analyzer NFPA 99C;
  • De-Burring Tool NFPA 99C;
  • Green Tinted Oxygen-Approved Teflon tape in ¼'' and ½'' Widths NFPA 99C

NOTE: We reserve the right to change and/or substitute contents of kit without notice.

Medical gas installer’s kit prices:

Please Call for quote: 800-464-9261

Individual Component Prices:

Item Price
1. High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator $175.00
2. Purge / Regulator / Flow meter $130.00
3. Nitrogen Purge Low Level Gauge/Alarm $230.00
4. O2 Analyzer $350.00
5. Replacement O2 Sensor for PRO O2 Analyzer $150.00
6. 1 Set Ohio Quick Connectors (O2, Air, Vac, N2O, WAGD) $250.00
7. 1 Set NCG Quick Connectors (O2, Air, Vac, N2O, WAGD) $250.00
8. 1 Set Puritan-Bennett Quick Connectors (O2, Air, Vac, N2O, WAGD) $250.00
9. 1 Set D.I.S.S. Connectors (O2, Air, Vac, N2O, WAGD, N2, CO2) $400.00
10. 1 Roll Green O2 Safe Teflon Tape (¼'' or ½'') (2 in Kit) $3.00
11. 10' Medical Gas Purge hose with O2 Cleaned quick connect (3 in Kit) $75.00
12. O2 Cleaned 3 Hose Manifold with quick connects $75.00
13. Pocket NFPA 2005 99C Reference Book $60.00
14. 100 PSI 2.5'' Test Gauge $25.00
15. 400 PSI 2.5'' Test Gauge (3 in kit) $25.00
16. 30'' hg 2.5'' Vacuum Test Gauge $45.00
17. Formula 8 $45.00
18. Custom Purge Tee with valve, quick connect, gauge port & O2 DISS Demand Check (3) $150.00
19. Universal Wall Outlet Purge Inlet Assy. $50.00
20. Universal Wall Outlet Purge Hose $50.00
21. Hard Tool Case with Label $100.00
22. De-Burring Tool $10.00

If you have any questions or if you would like to place an order, call us at 800.464.9261 or click here to use our contact form.